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Our Easy Process

Our 5 Step Process, Yes It's That Easy

The most stressful thing about selling a home is trying to do it on your own. Why add more worries? Sell stress-free with our team of experts that will handle everything!

Step 1

Fill out our form and answer a few quick questions about your home. The more detail we have the easier it is for us to make sure we can get you the best possible offer for your home.

Step 2

Within 24 hours a member of our team will get back to you with a competitive cash offer. This represents the Net Price to You for your home. Remember unlike real estate agents or IBuyers we do not charge you any fees and we take care of all the closing costs and repairs!

Step 3

If you decide to accept our offer we will send you an electronic purchase agreement (or overnight you a physical agreement upon request) for the agreed upon offer price and the closing date of your choice. Congratulations, your home is now under contract!

Step 4

We will send a local inspector to complete a brief home inspection to verify the condition of your home. This is just to check that the description/photos you provided match the homes condition and to make sure there are no major hidden problems such as leaks or structural issues that we were not aware of. Don’t worry we are not concerned about clutter or cosmetics. Unlike selling the traditional way there are no open houses or showings so there is no need to clean up or make repairs!

Step 5

 Get Paid! We work with a licensed local 3rd party closing agent (Escrow/Title Company or Attorney depending on your state) that will assist you from start to finish. We close on your schedule as quickly as 10 days or as long as you need. Rest assured knowing there will be no appraisal or financing issues holding things up like often happens in a traditional sale!